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David Bowie stuttered it best and we at WideWaterFilms aren't ones to argue with the star of "Labyrinth" (we certainly don't want to find ourselves in an ubliote).

So what's going on around here?

WideWaterFilms, remains "the premier Micro-Indi studio in operation today... producing the most thought-provoking and powerful digital images currently available... going past the rubicon of culture to shed light on new... and sometimes disturbing... but always thought provoking... things... of ... AAAHH... MONKEYS.... MAKE.. THE... MONKEYS... STOP...."

Where were we? Oh yes. WideWaterFilms remains true to its vision. We're just going to come up with a new version of our vision that reflects our current situation.

The main sections of this site are...

On-Line Film Vault:
We are rebuilding the vault from the ground up and from the stars back down. Either way... it's pretty sparse in there right now. But, if you decide to wander in anyway you will be "rewarded" with a brand-spanking-new hot-of-the-press not-dead-yet video that I made as a Valentine's Day gift to my daughters. Of course, it's called Valentine's 2009 (wow, such creative genius).


On-Line Sound Vault:
And if the film vault overwhelmed you... think of how happy you'll be in the new music and sound vault. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the ocean in there. Why only almost? Because we have finally (some would say "not final enough") posted sound files for the entire "Eric and Roger" collection. And... as an added bonus, the tape-speed issue has been fixed on "A Christmas Together" so we don't sound so darn morose anymore.


Natalie Pictures:
We have done a massive redesign on the pictures of Natalie and Amelia. Instead of big pages showing everything, we've changed them to a master-page for each girl leading to individual pages for each year that include the pictures and narrative. Check them out. We've updated her pictures all the way through 2010.


Bugwatching (Amelia Pictures):
Redesigned pages with pictures of Amelia. Yes, we even got her page all updated 2010. We're dancing around saying "Mission Accomplished" and we dare 2011 to "bring it ON!"


The Lunch Bunch:
I've gotten into the habit of making a cute picture to put in the girls' lunches on Fridays. Just a little something funny to find at school. Here is an archive of many of the silly things.


Constructing the new Bathroom:
That's where you want to go to see the pain I went through adding a bathroom to the house I used to live in.


Amelia's Too-True Horoscopes:
Good Heavens! Updated horoscopes? Ones written in this century? Check them out before they go stale.


The Storm Front Archives:
Relive those days when life was simple and movies only cost $5. Read the past issues of The Storm Front. They're available in PDF format and they are going to stay on-line even if you sue (but, we might be able to arrange "off-line storage" for a fee).


Where's the Party?:
I have the habit of hosting "over the top" parties. Read all about a few. This now includes Amelia's Harry Potter and Pirate birthday parties.


What does Eric think?
The travel section is taking a break while we re-scrub it. So we've added a new section for all sorts of random stuff like Thoughts at a Drive-In or whatever else falls out of Eric's brain.


The Thrill of the Hunt:
The search continues for the perfect hand-held fruit pie. Relive all the excitement and drama (and learn about the nearly perfect $2,000.00 pie.


DVD Lab Studio Tutorial:
Doesn't everyone want to know how to create an Audio and Subtitle selection menu system using DVD Lab Studio? I know I did. But I couldn't find enough information in the manual so I worked it out myself and created this tutorial in order to advance mankind's collective knowledge. Hey, don't laugh; as of 03/06/08 it had been visitied nearly 9,000 times.



Some Links You Should Visit

Yolano Veterinary Service
You live in Northern California? You got a dog or cat? They need shots? Use this mobile vacation service run by a guy that plays a darn good saxophone.


Harris Graphics
How do you like our cool new WideWaterFilms logo? Our good friends at Harris Graphics created it for us. They do all sorts of amazing things. Have them design your next book, flyer, or whatever. Be sure to mention that you saw them here. I don't think you'll get a discount or anything, but our daughters play together and it would probably help score better Christmas gifts for them if their Dad's site landed HG a big contract.


Sacramento Moped
Let's face it... the days of cheap gas are over. Here's a great place to get a Moped in Sacramento so you can (maybe) still afford to eat.


World Wide Recipes
Food jokes, daily recipes, kitchen tips, pen-pal forum and more all sent each weekday by the The Chef. Join over 140,000 other people and sign-up today. You don't need to be a great cook. You just need a good sense of humor.


Jim Bassett
Dolphins, penguins, and the Sharks (two animals and one hockey team).


Ghost Notes
Put on the head-phones, relax, and enjoy some beautiful piano music from Bill Cushman. Then be completely amazed when you read that he plays these pieces from pure inspiration without first writing anything down.


Maricopa HTML Tutorial
Face it, if you are going to design web pages, you are going to need to know how to program HTML by-hand. No fancy editor or generator is going to do everything for you. This is where I learned. Clear, concise, and fun. Best of all, you can download a copy so you don't need to stay attached to the Net.

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