Bug Watching - 1999


Amelia started the year by getting very quiet; she was focused on her new ability to walk. Once she had that down, the babble began again in earnest and quickly turned into words.

We began a new family tradition of taking a series of "day-trips" in April. We would drive somewhere interesting, spend the day, come back home for the night, then head somewhere else the next day. Amelia adapted to the schedule with no issues.


Amelia's new puppy

Grooving to Mom's new radio

Bug's Y2K hotline

Smile ... click ... hands in the fountain

With her new friend Emily

Her first trip to the Circus

"Stop taking my picture."

Amelia's first experience with snow

"OK, Dad. I'm going for that egg first."

Happy Easter, 1999

"I'm a baby without a dog,
surely we can work something out"

Amelia is happy to help clean

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