Bug Watching - 2000


Big changes for Amelia this year.

By March we knew that there was another kid on the way. We were a bit concerned that Amelia might not be ready but didn't want to put it off much longer.

But, she was settling in well at pre-school and very interested in babies so we figured "what the heck" and took the plunge.

Amelia moved from a crib in the "baby room" to a big-girl-bed in her permanent room. We took her to her first trip to Disneyland and she impressed us with just how "grown-up" she was acting.

Natalie was born in November. Amelia was shy at first, but became a protective Big-Sister very quickly; she shaded Nat's eyes with her hand and started singing to her on the walk home from the hospital because, as she told us, "this is her first time outside, she might be scared."


Pretty for Christmas

Santa (and eBay) came through

Just playing dress-up

Amelia's 3rd b-day cake

"Can I take him home?"
State Fair (8/00)

At the zoo with Paul

Amelia's first school picture
pre-pre-school Feb, 2000

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