Bug Watching - 2001


Many children regress when a new baby arrives. Amelia flourished.

She turned into the model big-sister. Even when Natalie was still a "blob baby" Amelia was reading to her and playing a version of "dress-up" where she put hats and glasses on Nat and draped her with scarves.

I got laid-off by MCI at the end of February and built Amelia a two-level fort with a slide in the back yard.

Amelia got another trip to Disneyland in the summer when her grandparents took her. After they left, I was so jealous that I took Friday off and rushed down to join them.

Amelia had a "pony party" birthday at a riding center. The kids got to play games, take a tractor ride, play in a hay maze, and ride horses.

By the end of the year, Natalie was doing everything she could to keep up (and catch-up) with Amelia and they had become the best of friends.


s_train (4K)
Asleep on Amtrak with
Grandpa Howard (12/01)
s_xmas (4K)
Christmas Morning
s_face (5K)
Making a face
s_pony (11K)
4th B-day "Pony Party"
s_statefair (8K)
At the State Fair
s_towel (7K)
Sister and Bunny-Towel
s_clean (10K)
Cleaning the fort
s_minnie (8K)
With Minnie

What a cutie

"How long is this parade?"

A snack in her new fort

"I want to fly helicopters"

Time to dye the eggs

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