Bug Watching - 2003


Amelia flew through Kindergarten and was excited about being a "big kid" in Mrs. Wong's First Grade class.

We tried extending our day-trip schedule to include overnights in the Monterey/Gilroy area but found that the girls were still just a tiny bit too young to settle down outside of their own rooms.

Amelia lost her first tooth and had a "princess dress-up" birthday party.


s_ghouse (8K)
gingerbread house
s_tooth (5K)
first lost tooth
s_bcake (4K)
birthday cake
s_firstday (5K)
1st day of 1st Grade
s_kgarten (8K)
kindergarten grad
s_ocean (4K)
at the ocean
s_river (8K)
river hike
s_sled (3K)
sledding with sister

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