Bug Watching - 2004


A lot more "firsts" for Amelia this year; first cruise, first bike without training wheels, first camping trips, and first year not going to Disneyland.

"Nature's Critters" came for Amelia's birthday party and brought all sorts of fun animals for the kids to see and touch.

Amelia started Second Grade with Mr's Watson.


s_pumpkin (16K)
pumpkin guts
s_newbike (13K)
bike time
s_bdaycrit (21K)
bday paty critter
s_firstday (22K)
first day 2nd grade
s_campsit (8K)
camping at sly park
s_lakewalk (9K)
lake walking
s_knotts (3K)
playing at Knott's
s_bike (3K)
learning to ride
s_taekwon (7K)
tae-kwon-do testing
s_jelly (9K)
jelly belly factory

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