Bug Watching - 2006


Lots of little things already happening this year. The girls and I went to Chuck E Cheese's one last time before I started working again, Amelia's after-school program sent "geopet" animals on adventures around the world, and she sold almost 200 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies (the new Cafe Cookies are super-yummy).

In April, the girls went to Tucson for a week to visit with their grandparents. Amelia learned to shoot a crossbow.

Amelia had her First Communion in 2006. She did a wonderful job. But exhibited her dad's trait of getting very serious in church; it was tough to get a picture of her smiling.

And Amelia started fourth grade with Mrs. Mafua.


Oh Christmas Tree

Happy Halloween (with Audrey)

Girl Scout cook-out

1st Day of 4th Grade

Happy Campers

Llama at State Fair

4th of July

At the ocean

Last day of School
With Mr. Johnson (06/06)

First Communion

Girl Scout Bowling

In Arizona

Shooting a crossbow
with Grandpa Howie

School Picture

Selling coookies

with her "geopet"

Drivin' Mr. Cheese

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