Bug Watching - 2007


2007 is a year of incredible change. I got divorced.

Fourth Grade ended and Fifth Grade began. Amelia loved getting into all the arts and projects.

The Summer seemed to be spent in pools; her Grandparents', Dad's appartment, friends...

Travel included a trip to New York with her mother and Walt Disney World with her Dad.

And the year ended with Amelia hearing Santa's jingle bells at midnight on Christmas Eve.


Picture with Santa

Christmas Morning

Killed it ourselves, arrrgh!

Decorating tree in bedroom

On Amtrak with Em

Nat's birthday breakfast

Slide at the pumpkin patch

First day of Fifth Grade

Camping in the front room

Found this in my phone

At the fair

Lounging with sister

At a friend's pool party

'Chillin at the apartment pool

A moment at the Zoo

Broken foot, oops

Happy Easter

Riding the Folsom train

Nut Tree -- Vacavile, CA

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