Bug Watching - 2009


The end of Sixth Grade and the beginning of Seventh Grade. You can already see the "high-school Amelia" starting to appear.


Christmas Morning

Ready for the Christmas Dance

Amelia's "Cell Model" for Science

Snacking at Thanksgiving

Dinner fun in Grass Valley

Happy Halloween

Giving Jack his lobotomy

In the Corn Maze

Picnic at Mallokof Diggings

Happy Birthday
(No, I didn't make that cake)

Birthday banner at school

First day of 7th Grade

Bike picnic

State Fair

Virginia City

Snacking at GV Fair

The falls at Lassen

Campsite at Lassen

Bad girl!

Santa Cruz beach

Slip AND Slide

Ghirardelli Square

Last day of 6th Grade

County Fair

Amelia built this for class

Lauging at Easter

Parked at the park

Sunny day in GV

Stanford checkup

Swinging with Em

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