Where's the Party?


It's a dangerous mix; a reasonably creative person who likes to entertain and has just a little too much money in the checking account. Add to that the fact that I was getting very good at researching on the Internet and planning for parties tended to get out-of-hand quickly.

Here are some of the events that I have hosted. Enjoy.


Halloween 1997

What kind of idiot would host a lavish Halloween party just four weeks after the birth of their first child? Me, that's who.

I made tombstones, pulled furniture out of the house, and totally redecorated.

More information (and pictures) coming soon.


Amelia's "Harry Potter" Birthday Party -- September 2002

Hermoine Amelia loved the first Harry Potter film. So much so that she wanted to theme her 5th birthday party.

Eric searched the net it all came together in a wild time.

Click on the ersatz Hermione to read more.


Summer Luau -- June 2003

Luau BBQA summer BBQ. The simple idea of having a luau. A fort to turn into an Enchanted Tiki Hut. And, the realization that we can't make kabobs for 40 people.

Click on the BBQ (don't worry, it's not hot) to read more


Amelia's "Pirate" Birthday Party -- September 2006

Pirate BdayBlame it all on Johny Depp. Amelia wanted a "Pirate" themed birthday party.

Click on the fierce pirate to read more

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