The Lunch Bunch


I blame Gary Larson and I blame "The Bunny".

Odd little pictures of odd little creatures having odd little thoughts.

I started putting pictures in the girls' lunch boxes. It was a very random kind of thing at first but I sort of settled into doing them on Thursday night and putting them in their bags so they found them on Friday morning.

Then, one Friday morning I heard Natalie say to her sister "I hope we have a picture today, but I'm not going to check until later."

And now a new tradition is born.

I'm posting some of the best ones (that would be the ones that I like) here for you to see.

Click on a picture for a bigger and more readable version. Enjoy.

(formatting change: Newest pictures are at the top now so the thousands of returning visitors each week don't have to scroll to the bottom anymore)

A "high-point" of our sophisticated humor
But, we bet it becomes a HUGE favorite at school.
The "triumphant return" of Summer In Review!
Clicking on this picture takes you to a special page that explains what each section represents.
A huge leap forward in Lunchbunch technology
We've always used PhotoScape for the speech-bubbles but now
we have expanded into using filters to create a "cartoon" effect.
Who knows what excitements are next!
That's why we don't point
It's all about thinking outside the box
(or, outside the oven)
That'll teach Old Saint Nick to wait his turn
Special "Ghost" Star... Cousin Lucian
How the story really ended.
(I shouldn't do these so close to Halloween)
Was thinking of the upcoming Scary Hair Day at school
and this came to mind.
It's NEVER safe when you are made of tasty chocolate.
(the joke works best if you know this picture was put
in their lunch in October)
What Amelia's 11th Birthday cake would say if it could.
"Can't sleep... clowns will EAT ME!".
But, they look so harmless when you see them in the zoo.
Something a little different. This was for the first week of school so I thought it would be interesting to do a "Summer in Review" page. I wrote "Thank you for an amazing summer. Love, Dad" on the back.
Clicking on this picture takes you to a special page that explains what each section represents.
I am not an animal!
Wait for it...
Whatever you do... don't go "buzzz"
Can you find a nut in this picture?
Or maybe a nice creme brulee?.
You can't argue with logic like this.
pizza What turtles really want for dinner.
ducks Been there, done that. Won't do it again.
bigshell Reptiles worry about the same things we do.
hokiepokie Don't you hate it when someone sings a song that gets stuck in your head?

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