Natalie's Page - 2001


Natalie was in a hurry.

She wanted to be doing everything that her big-sister was doing. Once she got mobile, her favorite activity was to crawl after Amelia and try to get anything she was playing with.

Unlike her sister though, Natalie didn't have to wait years until she got to go to Disneyland. Her first trip was when she was only 8 months old. She loved it and everyone there loved her.


s_walking (6K)
Walking with the Lamb
s_xmas (6K)
Christmas Morning
s_cake (5K)
Happy 1st Birthday
s_costume (11K)
Snow White
s_bath (6K)
Bath time
s_laundry (8K)
Laundry day
s_pony (6K)
At Sister's Bday Party
s_towel (7K)
Bunny Towel
s_dland (4K)
1st Disneyland trip

Fun with the toybox

"Big Sister, look over there!
"Big Sister???" (7/4/01)

"I just love sitting up"

Look who's crawling

Food .... yummm!"

"Ah, I found my thumb"

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