Natalie's Page - 2002


Natalie continued her fearless exploration.

Of course, we went to Disneyland again. Natalie was a bit put-out that she couldn't ride some of the rides. But, she took it in-stride and got some extra snacks while we waited for the rest of the group.

She enjoyed exploring, but would often come to us to get her hands cleaned and then go back and make them just as dirty.

Near the end of the year, she started going to preschool (and she didn't give us trouble like her big-sister did).


s_dolly (4K)
A new doll for Christmas
s_drive (8K)
Taking the car for a spin
s_xmashats (9K)
Silly Christmas hats
s_preschool (6K)
First day of Preschool
s_natbday (5K)
Happy 2nd B-day!
s_froggy (7K)
Halloween Frog
s_bed (4K)
Just a cute nap picture
s_wash (9K)
Washing toys outside
s_bongo (10K)
Playing sister's new bongos
s_dorothy (4K)
At sister's B-day party
with "Grandma" Dorothy (9/02)
s_pony (10K)
Riding a pony at
sister's B-day party (9/02)
s_fairpirate (6K)
Dressing as a pirate at
the State Fair (8/02)
s_goofyface (4K)
Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen
at the Disneyland Hotel (7/02)
s_space (9K)
Too small to ride
Space Mountain (7/02)
s_3girls (5K)
Back from Disneyland
s_stitchread (6K)
Reading to her new
friend Stitch (5/02)
s_beachwalk (11K)
Exploring the ocean
s_snowman (5K)
"Look, I found a snowman!"
s_easter (10K)
Hunting for Easter eggs
s_fisheye (8K)
Fish-eye lens fun
s_bathsanta (6K)
"Ho, Ho, I'm Santa"

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