Natalie's Page - 2004


A very busy year. Natalie gave up her pacifier for good. We went camping. Natalie got to take her first cruise (her future boyfriends are going to have to work awful hard to impress her). And she started Tae-Kwon-Do.


s_oven (10K)
christmas oven
s_bday (20K)
at her bday party
s_pumpkin (15K)
pumpkin carving
s_newbike (14K)
bike riding
s_buildabear (22K)
build-a-bear fun
s_taekwon (4K)
s_sandbox (21K)
sandbox with sister
s_campsit (5K)
sly park camping
s_dress (4K)
just being cute
s_campsnow (9K)
found some snow
s_catalina (7K)
on catalina island
s_hunt (7K)
egg hunting
s_gold (4K)
gold panning
s_binky (3K)
bye-bye binky

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