Natalie's Page - 2006


Natalie went to Chuck E. Cheese's and we took one of those bad instant pictures that I like so much. We also rode the train to San Francisco for Chinese New Year (Natalie fell in love with an iPod Shuffle).

In April, the girls went to Tucson for a week to visit with grandparents.

Natalie started First Grade with Mr's Aguirre.


Oh Christmas Tree

Birthday with a Snake

Happy Halloween

Girl Scout Crafts

1st Day of 1st Grade

Camping at the Seaside

State Fair

Swimming Lessons

Summer Fun

At the ocean

Nat painted this girl
Last day of School (6/06)

First Lost Tooth!

At a friend's bday party

Girl Scout Bowling

In Nogales, AZ
or maybe Nogales Mexico

A kid, a cactus, and a doll
in Arizona (I'm sure) (4/06)

School Picture

Drivin' Mr. Cheese

Becoming a "pod" person

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