Natalie's Page - 2007


2007 is a year of incredible change. Eric is getting a divorce.

But Natalie came through it wonderfully. She finished First Grade and moved into a Summer filled with travel (with her Mom to New York and with her Dad to Walt Disney World). Natalie spent a lot of time in pools. She's becoming a lot more confident as a swimmer and was just way too cute in her goggles.

Then it was time to start Second Grade. It turns out she's a Math-Whiz! And, of course, she continues to be friends with everyone she meets.


Picture with Santa

Christmas Morning

Hunted and killed our own tree

Decorating their bedroom tree

In the rain with a friend

Birthday Party breakfast

Making cupcakes for class

Carving pumpkins with Dad

Back to school

Camping in the front room

At the fair

a bunch of lost teeth

At a friends' pool

At the apartment pool

Picking Cherries at Aunty's

Swimming at PapaNoni's

Doing a little homework

Nut Tree -- Vacavile, CA

Making a valentine

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