Natalie's Page - 2008


2007 sees the end of Second Grade for Natalie. A summer spent at the pool and in the river. And, finally, the start of Third Grade with the teacher she's wanted since Amelia had him three years ago.


Christmas day with Uncle John

The cover Nat drew for the
Family Christmas cards

At The Nutcracker

The tree in the girls' room

Birthday Cake made by Dad

Tree decorating with Brownie Troop

Nat's 8th Birthday -- 5 + 3 = 8

Hallowee Costume

Hay Maze

On the Spooky Train

Taking a ride

Cleaning the river with her troop

At the State Fair

Nat's sand fort

Riding the current with Dad

At the River

Hanging out Poolside

Dumped-on at the local park

Floating in the Pool

Fun at the park

Skating with sister

School Picture

Trike fun at Grandparents'

Empire mine with Amelia and Emilee

Toys in Target

Playing in Grass Valley

In the car with her cousin

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