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This is the amazing tale of a Fatefull Trip.

Roger bought a 4-track mixer in 1983 and used his Mac to make music. Eric wrote lyrics and they recorded a set of songs over two days and called the resulting audio-tape "A Plethora of Genres"

It became a Christmas present for their circle-o-friends.

The next year... people actually asked if they were going to do another tape. Normally SANE people. Go figure.

So, they created "Eric and Roger; A Christmas Together" (just to prove to them that they should be careful what they ask for).

Many influential critics consider that to be the height of Eric and Roger's musical career.

The next two years saw the release of "Armageddon '85" and "Eric and Roger; Come and Play." Both suffered from the same failings that happen to so many bands with early success and no time to really fine-tune later albums; track after track of experimental drivel or good ideas that are executed poorly.

Luckily, the final album "Eric and Roger; Leaving a bad taste" was never completed and the master tapes were destroyed by concerned fans. Rumors have begun circulating recently that there may be plans underway for a new compilation entitled either "Eric and Roger; Did ya miss us?" or "Eric and Roger; Stop me if you've heard this one before."

Those rumors are very VERY wrong (and more than a little disturbing).


However... there is more to the story.

Eric went on to create a series of solo albums. The first couple are lost to us now. They included a complete album where Eric sang and played the music.

But some of his later works remain.

And now, the waiting is over! A friend, who will remain nameless so that other friends don't hold him responsible, has digitized the entire "Eric and Roger" collection. The original tapes for "Christmas Together" were recorded on a deck that was experiencing "issues" and the resulting tapes were recorded at the wrong speed (too quick so everyone had a really deep voice. That has been corrected through the magic of Goldwave (time-warp it to 106% of original speed). Now YOU can "hear them again for the first time."


Random single songs I've done

Tracks include:

Just Mousing Around

Songs inspired by Disney

Tracks include:

  • Stay Awake
  • Tickling Amelia
  • A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes
  • Feed the Birds
  • Once Upon a Dream
Attack of the Clones

As near as we can tell from the source files (without involving the cast of "CSI:Modesto") this was just a chatty CD. A couple minutes of Eric and the girls talking and a very short rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

Sister Sister

We have no idea what this is. We have to rebuild the final project and listen to it. But it's not promising so don't get your hopes up.

Eric and Roger; A Plethora of Genres

It's not often that History can point its finger at a single event and say "THIS, this is where it all started to go so horribly wrong."

The only consolation is that YouTube didn't exist back in 1983 so there aren't any frightfully embarrassing music videos still hanging around.

Tracks include:

Side 1

Side 2

Eric and Roger; A Christmas Together

One would think that friends would have suggested Eric and Roger take up a different hobby (like alligator wrestling) after the release of "Plethora of Genres." Instead, they began asking "are we going to get another tape this year?"

In hindsight, maybe it was so they could pre-schedule therapy appointments and beg their Postman to "accidentally forgot" about delivering any packages that looked like they might contain a cassette tape.

Tracks include:
(click on tracks to play)

Eric and Roger; Armageddon 85

Eric and Roger's most ambitious project. It even included quest artists. We chose to NOT use their names here so Google won't link to this and cost them future employment opportunities.

Tracks include:
(click on tracks to play)

Side 1
Side 2
Eric and Roger; Come and Play

The final (released) album. What more can we say? Either you are relieved or you are mourning the passing of an era.

Tracks include:

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