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Let's face it, these occasional newsletters never changed anyone's life. They did entertain (or so I was told) so I stored them away and the files moved from computer to computer over the years.

Then I started playing around with a new PDF creation tool called FreePDF that worked with GhostScript and realized (much to the horror of the people mentioned in the past issues) that I could now export and post copies. Here they are.

The quality is iffy, the layouts have changed slightly due to the differences in fonts (yes, I lost some along they way) and printer drivers, and some text has mysteriously vanished. Do any of you people still have the GEM graphical user interface in reasonably operational condition? I didn't think so.

I tried to call Timeworks to get tech support for their Publish-it program from 1988, but (besided the suggestion that I adjust my medication) I can't seem to get much help.

If you want perfection, then go to Harris Graphic Services. Otherwise, enjoy what you find here. All files are in the portable PDF format and can be read with the free Adobe Acrobat reader. Don't have Adobe Acrobat? What are you, living in a cave? This has been around FOREVER. They do everything but come to your house and beg you to install it. Just TRY and buy a new computer without it, I dare you. Oh well, you can click here to get it.

Issue 01-01
  Issue 01, volume 01 (July 1989)
  • Is She or Isn't She
  • On a Wheel and a Prayer
  • Say Hi to my New Toy
  • In Other News...
  • Rod Stewart Rocks Out
  • Better Than Batman
Issue 02-01
  Issue 02, volume 01 (Aug 1989)
  • Pam Nielsen to Move Out
  • Take it out at the Ballgame
  • Editorial
  • Back to Hell
  • Ch-Ch-Changes
  • Truly Accurate Horoscopes
Issue 02-02
  Issue 02, volume 02 (Nov 1989)
  • Stones Keep Rolling Along
  • StormCo to Sue Joel
  • Welcome to... Fear and Loathing in MIS122
  • Ch-Ch-Changes
  • Move 'Em Out
  • Editorial
  • Really Trivial News
Issue 02-03
  Issue 02, volume 03 (Jan 1990) Including Holiday Stories
  • Driving Miss Tina
  • Sleighbells Ring (by Bart Fisher)
  • 'Twas The Night Before... (by Pamela Sparks Nielsen)
  • Past, Present, Future (by Roger Hanna)
  • It's a Bird, It's a... (by Debbie Hoover)
  • A Christmas Miracle (by Chris Von Sonn)
  • Nothing for Christmas (by Matt Suster)
  • Back to School
  • Before the Year 2000
Issue 02-04
  Issue 02, volume 04 (Aug 1990)
  • Eric's Weekend of Bliss
  • Editorial Response
  • Getting a "Facelift"
  • On the Road Again, Travels with Eric
  • Questionable Facts and Unsubstantiated Claims
  • So Eric, What can we expect?
Issue 06-01
  Issue 06, volume 01 (April 1992)
  • Valerie Gets Hitched
  • Tina Gets Paid for It
  • Katera Gets Hung
  • Eric's Oscar Picks
  • And in Other News...
  • State of the Storm
  • From The Cellar
Issue 06-02
  Issue 06, volume 02 (May 1992)
Special Editorial Edition. Letters from...
  • Eric Storm
  • Roger Hanna
  • Will Lewis
  • Chris Von Sonn
Issue 06-03
  Issue 06, volume 03 (August 1992).
  • The Day the Reunion Stood Still (by Chris Von Sonn)
  • The Trip -- Day One (by Roger Hanna)
  • I'm So Cultured, I Feel Like Yogurt
  • Real Horoscopes
  • So, What's Going On Here? (editorial)
  • A Letter from the Edge of the Earth (by Will Lewis)
Issue 06-04
  Issue 06, volume 04 (September 1992).
  • I Survived the Mall of America
  • Dances with Mooses (by Kristine LiVecchi)
  • The Big Apple (by Will Lewis)
  • A Fable for Our Times (by Chris Von Sonn)
  • Various Sundries
  • From Glitz to Gultch (by Roger Hanna)
Issue 07-01
  Issue 07, volume 01 (April 1993).
  • The Bride Wore Plush
  • Reflections on Something Scary
  • Column of the Woman
  • Truly Accurate Horoscopes
Issue 07-02
  Issue 07, volume 02 (July 1993).
  • Someone Got Pregnant
  • Someone Got Old
  • Someone Goes to Weddings
  • Someone Goes to Games
  • Someone Tells a Story
  • Someone Sees the Future
Issue 07-03
  Issue 07, volume 03 (Winter 1993).
  • Babbies are Popping out all over (by Roger Hanna)
  • An Open Letter to Santa
  • Moving Up in Elf-Land
  • And in Other News...
  • Your Gift-Getting Horoscope
Issue 08-01
  Issue 08, volume 01 (Spring 1994).
  • Verily, Jon and Blake Get Hitched!
  • A View of Life from Columbus, Ohio (by Mark Winchester)
  • Horoscopes for the Puzzled and Confused

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