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This isn't really a blog. It's more of a bunch of random items that have fallen out of my head. Most of them started life as emails to friends and are now being collected here because I've enjoyed going back to them every so often.

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The Summer of '09

A whole summer of short trips to try and "make memories that would last a lifetime."

A Hiking Stay-cation

Our big "Summer Trip" for 2008 didn't take us far away. But, it was a whole new world.

River Reflections

Hot summer days... an urban waterway that is protected and accessible at the same time... what more could kids want? We've finally gotten back to spending time there. Here are some pictures and a short movie.

Thoughts at the Drive-In

There is ONE drive-in left in our area. . . and it is doomed. Plans are approved to tear down the six screens and replace the whole thing with a mini-mall.

I started taking the girls so they would get a chance to experience this strangely American and totally unique experience. But I got something special out of it.

Pool Party

Friends are great. They reschedule pool parties so that they happen on weekends that you have your daughters. It's so nice to have people in my life that are flexible, kind and accommodating.

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