River Reflections

It really is a crime that we live within a couple of blocks of one of the greatest urban waterways in America and my daughters have not spent a significant amount of time there.

We recently started hanging out in a "secret" little cove. It has everything the girls could want. There are two islands that block the main river so the water in the cove moves very slowly. It's only about 5-feet deep in the middle but most of it is very shallow. Small fish swim around in the clear water so, of course, a lot of waterfowl swim in for a snack. The whole thing is hidden by thick vegetation and you almost have to know it's there to find it. Private and fun.

Here is a quick page of pictures. Click on a thumbnail to see a bigger version (about 800x600ish).

But first... here's a 2-meg movie. It shows exactly why we need to get outside more.

bucket.jpg fastwater.jpg geese.jpg islandplay.jpg
natalie.jpg wading.jpg waterguns.jpg

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