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Let's face it... besides "true love" and a nice "MLT," the next best thing is having a good collection of clipart handy.

Sadly, I haven't found a good collection in one place so I've pieced this one togther from my rambles down the highways, byways, and back-alleys of the Information Superhighway.

Click (or right-click) on the links. Don't try to save off the thumbnails. They are mostly low-res examples of the file. And, yes, some of the files are pretty poor quality. Hey... it's the best I could find.

This collection if pretty limited. It's just what I needed. I'll build it up as I need more or as people point me to better sources (hint hint hint).

And please keep in mind that most (if not all) of these are covered under copyright, patent, trademark, and "we have a bunch of lawyers" protection. Using them for as an obvious parody (which, is about the only good thing you can say about a WideWaterFilm Production) is a generally allowed action as detailed in the creation of the amazing Get Out of Hell Free cards. That being said... if you represent a holder and wish to have these removed, just ask. I'm not here to pick a fight.

FBI Warnings

400x203 12K
Simple FBI Warning block. Suitable for the back cover of a DVD case
720x480 170K
FBI Warning screen. Put this as a first-play on your DVDs and scare your friends.

Rating Boxes

250x62 5K
G Rating (for your movie of Aunt Tilly)
250x51 5K
PG Rating (for when Aunt Tilly uses "colorful" language)
250x45 5K
PG-13 Rating (for when Aunt Tilly has a little "wardrobe malfunction")
250x54 4K
NC-17 Rating (for when Aunt Tilly slaps the cop and resists arrest)
250x63 6K
R Rating (for Aunt Tilly's "Tarantino" style jail-break)

Other Logos

587x260 150K

n/a 3K
Nice video logo. Use the wmf format if you can; it resizes better and has a transparent background.
585x342 196K

n/a 4K
Another video logo. Still a good idea to use the wmf format if you can.
209x152 12K
Closed-captioning. Be a good citizen and make your production accessable.
250x111 2K
DVD Region 1 image for USA encoding (sorry all my european fans).

Other Odd Stuff

720x480 1MB
A 1-second burst of static in Mpeg2 format. Put it on repeat and watch it until your brain turns to jell-o.
720x480 19.2K
PG Rating screen. "Borrowed" from a film that I didn't like even though other people had sworn that it was the funniest thing in the world and would change my life.
107x108 3.4K
Though I'm probably doomed to Hell for all of the disposable diapers I used on my daughters, I can at least remind people to recycle my DVD cases (though the disks are still just trash)

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